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EJA Schedules

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Hey EJA folks---

Could you post some info on the typical schedules at EJA.

* Are they 4 on/3 off or 7 on/7off type schedules?
* How many days off per month average?
* Are the first day of your trip and the last day of your trip generally just deadhead days?
* What's the typical upgrade time?
* I understand that if someone junior to you upgrades ahead of you that you then draw captain pay? Is that correct?

I realize that the specific answers to these questions probably depend quite a bit on the aircraft you are assigned. However, can someone help with general info?

I'll attempt to run though our schedule.

7/7 7 on 7 off for 1 quarter.

17 day schedule. 17 days of work and are set up like 5 on 5 off 6 on 5 off till you get 17 days.

Flex- I won't even bother nobody chooses it.

Days off depend on what schedule. All schedules are the same for every fleet.

Upgrade time is while you are sitting in school for the X and Ultra everything else is a couple of months about. Your seatlocked in the particular aircraft for 2 years unless you bid another aircraft and then they have an insufficiant number of bids they will release seatlocks in order of seniority.

Yeah if somebody upgrades below you you get capt pay. I'm sure that will end with the new contract. It was fine when they implemented it but now people just abuse it.

Im on the 17 day schedule. From looking at the dec lines most guys work 5 or 6 on then 4, 5 or 6 off. The nice thing about the 17 day line is they(scheduling) can build you anything that works for you. You can request certain days off and you have a forcast 2 months out. The upgrade time depends on the airplane. The Citation- X and Ultra are less then 3 months. However, with that said our training dept is haveing a hard time keeping up with the growth. So if you get a capts bid in company INDOC or shortly there after expect the whole process to take 2-4 months from the award. Total time from bid to you really check out as PIC and IOE is signed off 7-12 months almost off probation. The first and last day of your trip can be a mix of flying. It really depends on what A/C your flying and whats going on. Once again the Ultra guys fly all the time. Im on the X and they do a great job of getting me home on my last day. Hope this helps! :cool:
So, do you ever know what you are going to actually fly in advance? For example, you have a five day stretch and your Gateway is MSP. Do they just call you up on day one and say, "you're on NW flight # to JFK that leaves at 8:00 a.m.," or is there prior notice given. Vice versa, how in the world do they get you back to your gateway on day five? Where do you end up? I would think if it were some place remote it would be a real pain and plenty expensive for them to ship you home on time. Just a little mystified by the whole Gateway thing.

Lastly, do you get frequent flyer miles?

Sounds like great company, thanks for the info.

charley varrick
No magic to the gateways at all. The night before your first day of duty, the company will call you with a briefing for the next day. You will either pick up an aircraft at your gateway airport, or, the company will provide you an airline itinerary to an airport where you will pick up your airplane. You may or may not fly on your first or last day of duty. We never know where we are flying until the night before a new flight day begins. Even then, there are no guarantees that that specific trip will actually happen.

The answer to your other question, yes they will bring you home from where-ever you end up on the last day. On a recent tour, the morning of my last day, I woke up in a city 1:00 hr drive from my home. I ended up flying two legs, ending up in TEB. One limo and an airline flight later, I was back home. I have ferried an airplane 2:00hrs to get to my gateway also.

And the $64,000 question….YES, we do get the airline miles. Many of us have taken advantage of the free week in Hawaii or Tokyo. I just traded some points on the Sony home theater system too. Not a bad deal. Everyone has different deals that they look for on the road. Hilton has the best deal by far. Radisson, while not my favorite, does allow you to use your points to eat for free at "Friday’s" restaurant.

EJA Capt
Who Does Flight Planning at EJA

When you show up at your aircraft location, is the paperwork for the flight planning already done and awaiting you, or do you need to hop on a computer?

it's done and waiting for you. however, once in awhile - usually once a month for a day at a time, the dispatch computers go down. you'll get a page telling you, and you have to file your own flight plans. the meteorology guys can give you weather, or get your own.
I guess the computers going down once a month would keep you guys from losing the skills on generating a flight plan and working that part of the system.

Thank you for the reply

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