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EJA Sched

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Feb 27, 2002
If for example I have 7 days on/ 7 off. I understand that i would begin duty at 0001 on the first day. How often does a call come in during the middle of the night. how far in advance do u know when u will fly during the 7 days. Is it leg by leg the company lets u know, how does it all work? thanks :D

eja hopeful
What you do the night before your first duty day is to call company for a brief. They will then give you the next days brief....which will be the bullpen(standby) or airline info to get to the aircraft.

Although you are briefed for one thing, that may change. Which could mean a call at o-dark thirty. it has happened to me....but they usually give you two hrs notice...maybe more.

As for the legs...the cpt gets briefed that morning for the day. this may be for several legs, or just one. Once again...this is subject to change.

hope this helps,


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