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Eja Results

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Dec 12, 2001
I just am looking for anyone who interviewed at EJA on the 20th and 21st. Just curious if anyone has heard anything at all. I interviewed then, and am axnxious to hear. I hear its taking about 2 weeks to hear back from them, but with the holidays I not sure. Any response would be good. GOOD LUCK to all and hope 2002 is better than 2001 for all of us.
EJA Results

I interviewed in St. Louis on the 20th/21st. Were you the former Colgan guy, by any chance? I just called and got Derinda on her way out the door, and she told me I was "cleared" and would be getting a phone call, but I guess what with the holidays and all, I don't know if anyone has actually been called and offered a job yet. I suspect not, so hang in there. Good luck!
I interviewed in ATL 12/14, got the call 12/26. I'm not sure if that was faster / slower or normal.


bad news

I just got a letter yesterday saying thanks but no thanks. Kind of disheartening. Good luck to all who made it.

I know this won't make you feel better but I have been shot down by United twice. I keep the letters in a shoe box. Just makes you want to work harder. Keep trying and good luck.

Give it 6 months, and try again!

crjap, there are quite a few pilots here that have got a "thumbs down"
on the first interview, sent in another application at 6 months and
were then hired. EJA looks very highly on motivated applicants. I have
been told by one screening Captain that better than 75% of pilots
who interview more than once were later picked up. So start counting,
stay current, and give it another shot. Good luck to you!
My Wait time

I interviewed 11/12 and 11/13. Waited four weeks and called them on Dec 10th and received the offer. Some who interviewed the same time got called as early as a week after interviewing. I don't know what determines when you get called. I think the guy that got called quickly was currently on furlough, if that makes any difference I don't know.

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