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EJA Online App.

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Well-known member
Jan 16, 2002
Has anyone applied online and actually received a reply? There are a couple of items that are very poorly designed - they ask for the reason you left your current employer but don't give you the option of stating that you're still employed by them. And there are a couple of incomprehensible questions about type-ratings and certificates.

I had the same observations. I wish you could print the whole thing out and complete the info before submitting it. No way to let them know that you are presently employed. I assume that "date of last occurrence" under the type rating section is asking when you had your last training event. Rather ambiguous though! I also noticed that some of my responses were too long for the software to accept. Anyway, I decided to wait on the paper app. when they start sending them out again rather than submit the wrong information.

Good Luck
I went ahead and submitted it anyway. I figure if I ever actually get into an interview situation I'll have plenty of opportunity to clarify and amplify any info they might need.

They say they are not sending out any apps. By this I infer that the online app. is probably a waste of time, but it can't hurt.

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