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EJA interview, how long from letter?

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King Air

Mar 22, 2002
I got the "we have received your application and will contact you when an interview date is available" letter. This was dated 14 FEB. How long does it take to get the interview after that?
Thanks for your responses.
I am in the same position. I have a pretty high up contact at EJA and even that person could not find it out. As I understand, it is dependent upon sim. availability, class availability and many other factors.
I am waiting impatiently.
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All interviews are filing up for the June time frame. Some people have been waiting for 8 months, so if you do have an inside contact a letter in the file will get you to the head of the line. Walking the app in is good but the letter gets you in the door.

I've been with the company for 3 plus years and they are always slow. Additionally, expect to fly only 150 hours or so your 1st year.. Bullpen (reserve) is common, some months you won't fly at all. If you want this job to build time you should look elsewhere.

pilots website: www.ejapilots.com

company's website: www.netjets.com

eja wait list

King Air

I got the same letter in December and no date for an interview yet. Don't give up hope if it takes a while. Keep reviewing your gouge and get the job when you get the interview. Fly safe.
I sent the resume via email in Jan. Got the instant reply "if you don't here by mid March send another resume." Emailed a 2nd resume and sent a hard copy via usps. Got an application a few days later and turned it in with an employe letter. No word yet.
got the letter 28 Nov also.....I called their HR department...they said....people who got the letter in November....can expect a May or June Interview...
We will see....

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