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EJA indoc

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Jan 30, 2002
Can any EJA guys/gals give me advise on where to stay for indoc in Columbus. I'm going to be in Columbus from April 8th-19th and looking for a good place to stay for a reasonable amount. If anyone could suggest something please do so.

It really depends on how much you want to spend. I stayed at the Homewood suites (79.00 a night) just outside the main enterance to CMH airport. There are cheaper places to stay but I wanted the hilton points!! There are a few places cheaper like Candlewood suites for like 40 a night. I would guess almost half my class stayed there. EJA has some rates set up with a few hotels and the list should be included in your welcome package. Dont forget to join every airline and hotel FF program so you can start getting the points. (If your not in them already)
Candlewood Suites

If you want a nice place for a reasonable price that's close to the airport, go to the Candlewood ($49). I don't think you need to worry about accumulating points, you will have plenty of time to accumulate once your on line. If you happen to be going right into a/c training and EJA puts you up at the Candlewood you may be eligible for a tax refund. If you stay at the same place in Oh for 30 nights or more you get almost all of the taxes back. That's what I did and got around $150 back.

If you are looking to save money go to the Extended Stay which is $32.50 a night. Not quite as nice and a little further away but cheaper.

I just got home from indoc so let me know if you have any other questions.

If you are looking for points then the Towneplace suites by marriott is an option. It is the same as Candlewood (49) and will get you some points. The rooms have a full kitchen, couch, everything you need to eat cheaply in your room. A lot of my class stayed at the candlewood, not sure why it was so attractive.
Can you post a brief synopsis of basic indoc? How long does it last for starters? How many nights are we talking about?

And then when you go for type training the company pays hotel and perdiem? I'm getting an Ultra type at Flight Safety in CMH and I've got this vision of 2 weeks at Motel 6 at my expense, followed by another 2 weeks also in Columbus at theirs?

Where's that Extended Stay? That's a Motel-6 budget.


Indoc is two weeks (m-f only) So you end up staying about 12 nights from the Sunday before it starts until the following Friday. Unless you can go home for the weekend then I guess you are stuck in CMH. Right now some people are doing indoc after simulator and some do it after, just depends on the scheduling. IF you do your sim in CMH then the company will pay your PerDiem and hotel for that 2 weeks. There are several hotels they use, they all seem like nice hotels from what I have seen. I also had to rent a car because I flew in, no way I could drive from the West coast to go to indoc.
I stayed at the extended stay on stelzer. It was great right next to easton a great place to party. It was cheap and clean. I didn't know about hotel points when I did it but it only took me 5 months to make diamond at hilton, platinum at starwood, and platinum at hyatt.

I would recomend the extended stay if you have a car, easton is a great place for a beer and a nice relaxing time during indoc.

It also has a walmart across the street for any supplies you need.

It is definetly my first choice and i was glad i stayed there.

I also stayed there for 6 weeks.

I might have chosen the hilton homewood suites IN easton but i think my liver would have rejected it. Both are great check the prices though
Diesel, Ease up , would you please? What are you, the company hard _ss? If your not, you should apply and make it official. And since your so vocal (and negative) throughout this forum, then you should do us all a favor (most importantly for yourself and the company) and seriously consider improving your grammar and writing skills, either with some formal education or, if you are educated past the high school level, then start showing it by writing more carefully and/or proof reading your submissions before you send them. Please do something, Diesel! You are an embarrassment, especially since you are an IOE CA. I just hope you speak more clearly then you write.

Are you serious..........looks to me like you should proof read yourself before you post!!!

" I just hope you speak more clearly then you write"

Shouldn't that be "more clearly than you write"
A lot of us staid at the suburban lodge (more then half of the class) it was about $220.00 per week(last summer) and there is alot of study info. different class dates running into each other there. Rooms a bit smaller but its clean and you have a mini kitchen and you are near some descent restaurants. we even had an accasional barbecue there (one of the guys in the class ahead of us bought one) Anyways its just 2 weeks and you safe a few$ there.
Good Luck se ya on the line

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