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EJA Indoc

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Dec 3, 2001
Looking for anyone who has recently completed indoc at EJA to tell me how long it lasts; hours per day and how many days? When does it finish up? I have heard estimates but no hard schedule yet. If you start on monday does it end the following Friday? Morning or Evening? Just trying to get tickets booked etc. Thanks always!
Class the first week M-F 8-5 then that sat of the first week is CRM from FSI. Sunday off<> back in class M-F last day your done early all you do is take the written test. If you book a flight say after 3pm you should be ok. :cool:
If you have done your type training prior to indoc, will you get your flights checks immediately following indoc? Any typical time to allow for this?
I went to indoc on 12-03 and finished 12-14. As the previous poster stated, you go to CRM training on the first sat and off on sun. The last fri is customer service and lasted until 1710. The good news is the company got our tickets to go home because it was over three days to our next training event(except for a few that had to stay for aircraft training).
do not buy tickets for the ride home after training or indoc they will be provided, if already bought you will be re-imbursed.
The company flight ride does not always happen that quick.
SOPS are your flying bible have them down
You guys will like it out there though once your done.

Thanks for the Info! Good news to hear they buy the ticket home, I had no idea that was the policy. I am looking forward to joining all of you on the line!
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