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EJA I.O.E. after aircraft training?

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Active member
Nov 29, 2001
Just a quick question.... Wondered if anyone can comment on the timeline of initial operating experience after INDOC and AIRCRAFT training are complete with EJA? I have indoc April 15 and aircraft training in TEB on the Falcon 2000 starting May 4. Does the week back at CMH come right after aircraft training and then onto a waiting list for IOE or do things happen more rapidly? Trying to see about slipping in a week away for a wedding in June. Thanks in advance for comments. HF
IOE is backed up in most of the fleets right now-due to the number of pilots we are hiring and not enough IOE CPT's.
Don't quote me on this-but I had heard the Falcon does not have an IOE program-but I am not 100% sure.
To be honest being a Falcon 2000 F/O has to be pretty easy-all you would have to do is a Small part of the pre-flight, get Atis, Clearance, and load the FMS--the CPT and Flight Attendant do the rest.
About halfway through Indoc the training dept will come up with a schedule they will distribute to your class showing when you should come back for your followon aircraft training and checkride at EJA-at this time you can let them know about the wedding and ask to get scheduled around it if possible-they are pretty nice and accomodating-but it is a business.

Hope this helps in some respect-maybe a 2000 guy can comment on the IOE part.
Fly Safe
Ps After Initial in the 800XP I sat at home for two weeks before my checkride and additional classes and then sat at home for 1 month and a half before starting IOE(but ya still get paid).
When you were waiting at home for the month and a half for IOE were you on 'reserve' for 7 days a week,every day, until you got a call. In other words, could you have moonlighted at all during those six weeks?

When i was waiting for ioe in the ultra,2 months, i did not have any official schedule. the schedulers called and gave me my schedule(thats were the 2 month delay comes in). Before that time, i dont think you really "exist" in the computer.

I would play it safe and not venture to far though...I think they try and give you a few days notice before they send you on the road...but i could be wrong. Im still relatively new here at eja.

As for the moonlighting, i dont think it would be a problem, just make sure you are reachable by cell phone or company pager. The delay probably depends on the fleet also.

I flew part time for a company here in Jax while I was awaiting IOE-I did let EJA know I was doing so-and if we do fly part time we are required to report out times each month to the chief pilot so we do not exceed Part 135 flight time maxes.
The EJA schedulers told me they would give me at least a two day notice before sending me out-it turned out they gave me about a two week notice when it was all said and done.
Also the company I was flying for knew my fulltime employment was with EJA and would have had no problem if something would have come up-they were using me for mostly day trips anyway.
I still fly for them on occasion-its a sweet deal as a part timer I get paid the same whether I fly 1 hour or 8 hours.
Fly Safe
Cool! I'll definitely do that! Making 28k ain't gonna cut it, so moonlighting will be a HUGE plus.

Dont forget..if someone junior to you upgrades in a different a/c, you will get cpt pay after they pass their simride!!

It only took 2 and a half months for it to happen for me!! Not sure what the average time is....but i dont think it is more than a few months.

True, but its still only like 37k or so...still nothing to write home about...I'm not complaining. I'm just saying that it would be nice to be able to make some extra cash. So I'm happy to be able to fly on the side at $300-$400 a day.


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