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EJA hiring practices

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Feb 27, 2002
Just a curious question..i am currently pursuing a job at EJA as a pilot and my wife has also become interested in becoming a F/A at EJA, is there a Nepotism clause at EJA? If not, can anyone provide details as far as hiring/lifestyle info for the F/A's???:cool:
I know there is a husband/wife that are in the falcon program. The husband is a captain and the wife is an fa. In fact, I was in new orleans a few tours ago and they were crewed together. I do not know anything about fa pay/lifestyle however.

If I knew any of the fa's I would be glad to put you in contact with one of them, but I do not drive an aircraft with an fa. If you do not know anyone at eja who can put you in contact with one of our fa's, give the main office a call and ask to speak with the chief flight attendant. If she does not answer, leave a voice mail. If she does not call back, call back yourself.
its definitely possible. I also know of a husband and wife both are pilots on the ultra. The wife was in the class ahead of me and the Husband was in the back of the plane during my company ride. He's been with the company for a couple yrs at that time and was getting trained for an IP position.
From the people I've talked with at both EJA and EJI hiring for FAs is going slow. pay for FAs is around 26 at EJA and 41 or 42 at EJI its a big $ difference. I was looking for a friend she happens to be an FA now with ASA .
I talked with those people a few months ago, other then that I'm realy not intouch with whats going on with the hiring in regards to the FAs. Hopefully you can get some more up to date info.
Both should get your apps in and go for it.
Good Luck Hope to see you both out flying the Line
for flight attendants - contact emily ann caldwell 800 848 6436.

in addition to the husband wife teams mentioned, we also have a mother/son flight attdt team. there is also a husband (pilot)/wife (fa) team on the bbj.

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