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IBT does not represent ME
Nov 27, 2001
What is the story with the gulfstreams and Exec Jet? Are they a completely different company? If so, what are their mins and pay?
Thanks for the info.
Executive Jet International!

Unfortunately right now - your 500 hours short on total time and have no Gulfstream type ratings. Inside info says that they prefer GIV or GV type ratings and international experience. Pay starts around 70K for FO's and upgrade is around 18-24 months.

A friend of mine applied a few years ago and was hired. He had a Gulfstream type rating and still waited a year and a half for an interview. Good luck! If your patient - I am sure you will find what you want. In the meantime - try EJA. You have plenty of time for them and more aircraft options and long term pay potential. HF
yes, eji is a separate, non- union company. work rules are totally different (harder).

last i heard schedule was 6/5. to get paid for extra days, you have to work over 51 days/qtr. if you take a sick day, that counts against your 51. at eja, when you work a day, you get paid the next check.

duty time can and frequently is "extended" because there are no hard and fast rules (part 91). at eja, you will never exceed 14 hours unless you volunteer to, or are on the bbj and have met a stringent set of rest requirements.

In a previous job, my company bought a an EJI G-IV Quarter Share for supplemental lift. I met the requirements to be an EJI Captain so after a checkride, I was allowed to perform that function on the EJI Gulfstream. Naturally, we used the EJI Ops Manual rather than our own when flying this airplane.

The crew rest rules were consistent with the Flight Safety Foundation Guidelines: Maximum 14 hours on with 10 off. The 10 off did not include the hour allowed for preflight or the hour and a half ( two hours international) allowed for post flight. The actual time between flights always came out to be either 12 1/2 or 13 hours. Also, there was an additive for time zones crossed so you would routinely get additional crew rest time above the 13 hours. I could extend my crew day so as not to inconvenience the passengers if I wanted to, something I'm not sure the union guys can do. EJI never asked me to extend the crew day, I was the requester.

In associating with the EJI pilots, I never met one who did not like his job. Golf seems to be an important part of the job and I played with them when I could. Their pay scale is about 10,000 over average GV captain pay and you are right - they get 1.5 times their daily rate for anything over 51 days in a running quarter.
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How did it work that you were able to be a captain on an EJI Gulfstream? Did EJI pay you and what happened to the crew that used the plane..

If you could can you explain it a little more to us. With EJA no offense you would never see a company we are helping out their crew doesn't run our airplanes.

I'd appreciate you letting us know a little bit more.

Also EJA doesn't allow their pilots to work past 14 hours. We can't even beg the company to work past 14. It's in our contract and it's set in stone. Our schedulers don't put us into those positions because they get burned in the end if they do.

Thanks D

Flame me if you want but i'm interested in EJI crewing a plane using non EJI pilots.

I'm happy to respond to your question.

One of the things that precludes some companies from buying a fractional share of a Gulfstream is the principals desire to see a familiar face up front in the cockpit. Therefore, EJI offers as a condition of sale the option to allow the purchasing companies pilots to fly the EJI aircraft if they meet all EJI qualification and training requirements and successfully complete the EJI written and flight evaluations, which by the way are quite stringent. Although a FAR Part 91 operator, EJI trains to and generally flies to Part 135 requirements. Actually, EJI does have a Part 135 certificate at Bradley, but they do not routinely use it.

My company paid me, but I performed exactly like an EJI Captain, reporting to Columbus for dispatch and so forth.

Because EJI customers are charged only for occupied flying hours (domestically), not positioning flights, normally, EJI pilots would fly the jet to where my companies trip began, then we would fly the aircraft to our various destinations, leaving it at our final point for EJI pilots to recover.
Wow I find that amazing that EJI allows that.

Did you have to wear an EJI uniform? Was the FO an EJI pilot or your comapny pilot.

Did you use this option when your GIV was down and needed the lift?

How did EJI pilots like it?

Thanks for all the information.

EJI is a joint venture business relationship thing between Gulfstream and EJ to promote the sale of Gulfstreams. There seems to me to be some sort of resentment, bad blood, I don't know what to call it between the pilots of EJA and EJI. Methinks it relates to envy more than anything else but I always get fuzzy non answers when I ask an EJA guy about EJI. Some seem unaware of the comapny at all, there is clearly no connection or relationship at the pilot level anyway, like a foreign country despite being sister divisions of the same overall company.

There's no way to work for EJA and transfer to EJI. I was thinking it would be nice to someday fly a G4/G5 but I guess that's not a real possibility.

I think the core issues are the significant pay differential and the union situtation. This is just my opinion.

In answer to TAG2's question:

When I went in for an interview last year, they had about 230 pilots. Not sure about how many jets though.

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