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EJA/FSI deal?

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Well-known member
Dec 26, 2001
Did we ever come up with an answer on that thread?

I too thought a bit weird that EJA would hire pilots with a comparatively low time (250 tt + 800 as a CFI) and definitely far below their stated minimums, especially since they reassure their clients that their pilots have min of 2500 TT and ATP....

....however one of my few remaining contacts at FSI who is currently instructing there tells me a deal is definitely being worked on. I told him if it does occur - go for it...

Anybody else heard any news on that?

The answer was No for your question about low time pilots in EJA. There is no need for them. Its not gonna happen anytime soon. Hell it has taken all kinds of phone calls and Letters of Rec to help out a good buddy of mine who has 3500 hours to even get the interview. Hopefully he will get the job. In the meantime keep building your time your not far off. If you have 2200 then you only have a few more months to go.
. If you have 2200 then you only have a few more months to go.

...Thanks...I'm hopeful and although I won't let it discourage me that they're turning to higher time ppl, when I crack 2500 & get an ATP I'm going to be applying. From what I've heard, they'll give everybody who meets mins a look, though I'll likely be at the bottom of the pile. Would it be helpful to pay a visit to hq in CMH or do the AirInc or some other conferences to make a contact?

Just talked to terry in hiring. She says that they have so many qualified applicants they are only working on the cream of the crop. I don't think 2500 will cut it anymore.

Maybe if you have at ton of turbine and 135 or corporate time.

Burn me if you want just trying to let people know what is going on.
sparticusflt said:
The answer was No for your question about low time pilots in EJA. There is no need for them. Its not gonna happen anytime soon.

Is it no, or is it not any time soon?? And where exactly do you place yourself in the information loop at EJA. A reliable answer to the EJA FSI deal is really elusive it seems, because nobody really knows the details of the deal. IF the deal goes as the previously mentioned thread said, it would involve FSI guys flying EJA pilots from their home airports to their actual aircraft. From what I read on the EJA site, these QS owners only care if the pilot has an ATP or not when they are actually on the jet or using it. That is the only time when their QS applies I'm assuming. I'm really still in the dark on this issue.
The answer for now is No.

I'll try to explain

The company-
Although the company is working on this we have entered into a touchy advertisement war. Options has bought a share of RTA, Avolar is starting up, EJA can not afford to have them run an add showing some kid just walking out of a seminole into a citation. We all have to be very careful.

Owners- Have signed a contract with the company stating that there will be 2500hr pilots with ATP's and a type rating in the aircraft. Most owners don't like sell off's much less sell off pilots.

Union- The union is in contract negotiations and in our contract states the minimum qualifications for an eja pilots which are the above minimums. The company can not change anything in the contract during contract negotiations which is against some federal law. I can't remember the name.

2nd it's a closed shop. Whcih means, every pilot is a union member paying union dues. They can't bring in non union pilots to a closed shop. All pilots working for EJA must pay union dues making them a union memeber

Pilots- We are not instructors, nor should we be flown around by instructors. There is an old saying at Pan Am. If you wanted a short career be an instructor pilot on 747's. Someone was always bound to stall the thing and do some damage. This is my personal opinion but I don't want to be in the back of an ultra while some guy is getting dual. It's bad enough when a checkride is being given to be in the back.

Talking to those in the hiring department they are completly, I mean they have so many applications there are stacks to the ceilings. I've seen it so i know. Anyways they have so many qualified pilots right now they are actually only pulling from the cream.

If you look at my past posts it's no secret i'm against the fsi deal but these are the straight facts.
Cream of Crop

To whom it may concern:

I think EJA is definitely looking at the cream of the crop but I don't think your flight time will necessarily determine that. When I interviewed in late November I had EJA minimums by 61 hours! Also, I didn't know anyone on the "inside" to help me get the interview. When I did interview - I was the "odd ball" as most of the people I interviewed with had 7,000+ hours.

However, this is what I DID have: worked to 2 airlines (AMR Eagle and Midway) and Flexjet with 2 type-ratings. So, even thought I barely meet the EJA minimums I was still invited for an interview and successfully completed my interview because I had quality time in the "real world" and was obviouselly trainable. [Now if I could just get an earlier class date!! ;) ]

So, for you guys that are on the lower portion of the qualifications - don't despair, it's possible.
Thanks...I have a touch below 2200tt, am currently transitioning to the FRJ as an FO, and am hoping to have 2500tt by mid-late summer. Hopefully also they'll have cleared up some of the backlog and the whole pilot hiring situation will improve...


BTW - Eagle, MDW & FlexJets - thats a lot of different companies & experience for your tt!


Tell me about it! The last year has been rather interesting to say he least!

Left EGL for MDWY in January got furloughed from Midway in August (when they filed CH.11). Got hired at Flex, got typed in the LR-45, finished IOE and got furloughed from there in Oct. This career has been good and kind to me so I guess it was time for a bumpy period. Hopefully the bumps are over!

Some things happen for a reason and now I see why. EJA is a career place for me and with a little luck I should have at least 40 more flying years.
...Wow!...quite a year...I think you're in a very good place, and I think it definitely worked out for the better. You must be mega burnt out on training. With a bit of luck, I may join you at 'QS' in about a year or so....


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