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Time to drill Congress!
Nov 30, 2001
Does the 7/7 schedule have you traveling on your days off or do they airline you on your day 1 and 7?
The company cannot have you travel on scheduled days off. You will
be airlined to and from your gateway on day one and seven, unless you
actually fly your aircraft from your gateway. Flying a line aircraft out is
a fairly common gig at CMH. It also means that you are ripe for the plucking
for a "zero dark thirty" show time when the CMH mechs. spit your bird out
of the inspection cycle at midnight. ( Bid CMH at your own peril if you like to
sleep past 4am.)
The first part of day 1 and the last part of day 7 are in transit from your gateway to/from where they need you. Duty time starts as you head towards the airport towards a max (135) 14 hour duty day. You will arrive back home prior to midnight on day 7 or overtime provisions kick in.

Duty time actually starts when you check in via the pager or phone with ops once getting to the airport/FBO.
I am just pointing this out because some people can live 3hours or 100 miles from the airport(whichever is less).
One great thing about day one is if you have to report before 8:00am anytime before 8am is Overtime and then anytime past 9 hours is also overtime. Everyday when you land ops shuts your clock off 30 min after Block in-unless some delay has occurred-then the CPT will let ops know the new time to shut you off at for your 10hrs (Min)of rest. On a regular day(ie not first day and have not reported before 8am day 1)any time in excess of 12hours of duty is also overtime.
On your last day if you get home 1 min after midnight-you get two extended days of pay.
Hope this helps someone.

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