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EJA Citation Ultra question

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Nov 26, 2001

I am scheduled to start training Jan 18th in CMH FSI for the Citation Ultra and was wondering how the bedix king software compares to the actual FMS. Is the Ultra unit a GNS-XL or is in GNS-XLS? I also recieved the SOP packet which I will review, but just trying to get ahead on systems seeing I've been out of the cockpit for a little while (furlough).

Thanks in advance,


Anyone interested on downloading the FMS freeware should go to Bendixking.com and click on pilots club. If you use a dial up ISP it will take half a lifetime but who cares if you have nothing better to do right?
I'm pretty sure it's an xls. The bendix king is right on and I would sugest using it and getting to learn it as much as possible before.

As for SOP's know it COLD. Use it in the sim every day and make sure you work on it every day. FSI doesn't use them that much but when you go for aircraft training you will either pass or fail on SOP's alone. EJA IS HUGE ON SOP"S I can't stress it enough!!!!

Hope this helps, and welcome aboard.

Of the 74 or so Ultras, about 30 have the older version, and the rest of the newer version (I can never remember which is the XL, and which is the XES. I left the Ultra almost two years ago, so I've done a memory dump).

It's an easy FMS to learn. Intuitive and user friendly. The Honeywell FMZ2000 (which we have in the Citation X's, Excel's and older versions in a couple other fleets) is nowhere near as easy to learn.
Congrats to you all for making it in! The FMS is a GNS-XL I will try to put up a photo of the one when I figure how to upload things on this site, but. Flight plans, suddo VORs, and holds is the 3 basic things you will need to know about the FMS in order to get you through the check ride. there is 3 or 4 dedicated sessions on this box alone.
Know the SOP's cold its a deal breaker!!!!!!!!!!!!
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