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EJA April interview

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Apr 23, 2002
Has anyone from the april 25 and 26 interview heard from eja yet? I know its still early but just wondered if the word was out yet.
Just got the rejection letter in the mail today...I had a great sim and I felt very good after the interview. I am very suprised and quite depressed. Maybe it was my low PIC time or airline background....
Sorry to hear it, Maddog.
Best of luck in your future.
How much PIC?
Any letters from the inside?
What is your app. time line?

Received the phone call Friday afternoon, and was offered employment with NetJets. I start Citation X training May, 28th and Indoc training July 8th.

Maddog, sorry to hear that you got the letter.

Good Luck!
congrats on the call. Were you in the 25th and 26th interview or an earlier one. Did they give you a choice of aircraft? when do you go to the sim? lots of questions huh
Havent gotten the dreadrd letter but no phone call yet. So I'm just standing by.:D

I was offered the Citation X only, and will start sim training in Columbus on May 28th, indoc July 8th.

Wish you luck!

George Pearson
when did you get your letter that said they would call for an interview, when did you get called for interview and when did you interview? i got a letter in feb. that said i would be called for an interview. i'm wondering what the timeline is.
fellow SCA driver

I understand that if you have a letter stating you will get the interview, you will get a call sometime before September. They were backed logged with applicants. I heard this from someone who works for the company.

My letter came in January, and was called the first part of March for the interview at the end of April.

Hope this helps!

Good Luck!

EJA Interviews-SCA?

TY737 and GP,

I guess bagels and lasagna on a blue tray make you sick too!!! I sent my stuff to EJA in Nov and I am told I might get an interview in Jun or July. Are they going in order they recieved apps or by time or what? Also, what is the upgrade time at EJA.

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