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EJA and Resignations

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Well-known member
Dec 3, 2001
I am starting indoc at EJA in mid Feb. and GS / SIM mid March. I am wondering if anyone knows their policy on your resignation from the previous job. I am hoping to use some vacation and such before leaving and also putting off my resignation until the end of Feb (2 weeks after starting indoc) for reasons of pension etc. Do they require a resignation effective at your start date or would they be willing to allow two weeks transition between the two jobs? Not a big deal if they won't allow that, but I have found out I am better to wait if possible.

Thanks Always!
I was under the impression that they were making guys write out their letters of resignation once they started class. Once EJA has that they send it to your old company. I would watch out about using your vacation time to come and train. If they caught you that might be grounds for termination. Best bet would be to take your vacation asap and come after it. You'll be back on salary as soon as you get in the door. Good luck

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