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EJA Aircraft Assignments

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Nov 26, 2001
I've been reading where nearly all newhires are going only Ultra or Excel? Is this correct?



I was given the choice of the Ultra or Excel. I took the Excel. I spoke to one other guy and he got the call on the same day and he got the Hawker, so I don't know what you will get. I think it just depends on their needs.


From what I was told by one of the people who schedule interviews and other related things is that when they interview you they put a particular aircraft on your resume. If it is only that one a/c, that is what you get. If it says "any" or has more than one choice, then you are offered what is needed at the time or whatever they wrote on your resume.

I know that alot of the guys/gals are being put in the ultra and excel lately, but you never really know.

TR328 and 1900cpt, thanks for the response. Hope to join you online soon.


Ita all depends...

1. Low time jet pilots typically get the straight wing jets.

2. Higher time and transport catagory heavy drivers tend to get
the larger equipment.

3. If there is a sim slot available, all bets are off. They'll fill it with
whoever them deem safe, based on experience level.

Those seem to be the "rough" official guidelines. Seat locks
have been waved. My SIC in the sim, got a PIC bid in the VII
one month after his hire date. Pretty amazing!

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