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EJA A/C specific memory items

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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
I am a new-hire scheduled to go to FSI for the type in mid-Feb and then indoc in early March. I've received the SOPs and guess I will get the FlightSafety memory items when I report. However, I've heard that the EJA memory items are often different from Flight Safety's. Since I do indoc after the type training, when would I receive the aircraft-specific memory items? Thanks for any info!
The memory items will be the same at fsi and at eja.
Study this, till you know them cold:
1. All aircraft limitations
2. All emergency procedures
3. know all of the annunciators and what they mean. The FSI books do a great job at that.
4. Know you sop's . At FSI it is a great time to start putting the calls, challenges and responses into play. But when you get to Eja know them by heart. It will make your instructor very happy with you and your training will go way easier... I.E. more brew time
Do this and you will be all set for your checkride.

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