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EJ timeline

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Apr 12, 2002
i received a letter in mid feb. that said i would be getting an interview at EJ. what is the time from letter to interview?

Sent my app and paperwork in at the end of Sept. Didnt hear a word. Sent an update in with a friend at the 6 month mark (March). Got a letter about 10days later stating will be interviewed. Got call from Derinda first part of April for May23/24 interview in STL.

Fingers and toes crossed
EJ Timeline

Sent my application in Feb, had a couple of good friends inside write LOR's, got the letter end of Feb that I would get an interview, one friend called in for me a week later, and then I got the call from Derinda a couple of weeks ago for a May 23-24 interview. It seems that right now inside contacts really help.
A Netjets interview timeline

I just spoke with a friend of mine that had sent in their EJA application packet
in January. They were called for an interview in June. It seems that the
6-8 month timeline is running about correct. This pilot had several calls and
at least one L.O.R. on file as well.

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