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EJ records check

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Jester's Dead!!
Feb 22, 2002
Question= does NetJets do your records check before or after the interview. I only ask because my interview is in 19 days and I havent seen anything in the mail at my present employment.

Just wondering..

They should have about 70% before the interview but they sometimes don't get fast responses from most past employers. The credit checks and FAA background usually go fast. Linda Liggett told me that it takes as many as 4 times and many phone calls to past employers to get them to send the information. They just let the records request sit on somebodys deck. She said that
alot of the commuter Airlines are the worst.

does anybody know what type of checks they do? Is it the typical 135 background checks or do they go up and beyond that?
From what I remember they check all your past employers, your credit history, driving record, criminal record, and a bunch of other stuff.

It used to be that they did your check before they hired you. I had a buddy of mine get delayed on the hiring because he was waiting on his DMV stuff. They had enetered his name wrong in the computer and it kept coming up as nobody listed.

He had to work it out himself, just make sure you keep on top of it and be available if they have any problems.

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