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EJ interview STL 23/24 May

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Jester's Dead!!
Feb 22, 2002
Got the call from Derinda for interview 23/24 May. Just wondering if anybody else on this forum has received that as well. She said that they do the personal/reasoning test before you even go to the interview via a website that they email to you. Has anybody done this yet, if so what did it involve.

Thanks for the effort

EJA Interview


I have an interview later this month. The online test consists of reasoning, math, word association, a version of the MMPI test. Does not take that long, and when your done you zap it back to Derinda on the internet.

Wish you luck on your interview!
Congrats on the interviews! Just wondering when you guys sent your apps. in. I'm still waiting for my interview, I sent my app. in December 1st. I appreciate any info. on how long you waited.

EJ Hopefull
I applied first part of september. I have one recommendation.I received an update form in the mail last week, sent that in by priority mail.Derinda received it on monday got the call tuesday.

So hang in there.I am sure you will hear something soon.
Hey guys,

Talked to EJA recruitment 4 days ago about a friend of mine. I was told that they are just now getting to the Oct. 2001 apps. for scheduling interviews. I hope this will give some of you a timeline. Needless to say, they are WAY behind right now.

May 23 - 24 STL

Just got the call today from Derinda. I also was offered May 23 and 24. They only offered me one other date which was June 1 and 2, so someone else will be getting a call for that date.

See you in STL InstructorPuke. PM me if you'd like, maybe we can compare notes before we head out.

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