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Egypt Air 990

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
I know some may think I am a conspiracy buff, and I admit it's kinda fun to look at crazy and wild possibilities of curren events. However, I seriously wonder whether or not Egypt Air 990 should be revisited. I know I have read at least one story recently suggesting that at the very least the crash should be looked at closely especially since it was a deliberate downing by a pilot who uttered an Islamic prayer 11 times. I know that Hosni Mubarak is basically a Sadat clone and that there were some very high level military officials on that flight. It definately wouldn't be inconceivable for that flight to be a legit Jihad target. Just wondering what some of you think about that.
You may want to read the latest Atlantic Monthly (the Nov issue, I believe) for an interesting story on the Egypt Air flight. It addresses many of the problems that developed between the Egyptians and the NTSB.
I'll just second what Eagleflip said about the article in Atlantic Monthly magazine. Very well written - for both insiders and novices - balanced and fair to all sides. If you think 990 was a conspiracy, just read the article and you'll probably change your mind.
The Atlantic Monthly article was written by Langeweische, son of Wolfgang who wrote Stick and Rudder. It is superb and looks clearly looks at the political situation surrounding the investigation.
I believe that the NTSB has said they believe the airplane went down due to TURBIN failure.

Ha Ha...heard that one from a good FO friend of mine.

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