Egypt Air 737-500 crashes


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Nov 25, 2001
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TUNIS, Tunisia (CNN) -- An Egyptian airliner with 60 people on board has crashed near the Tunisian capital of Tunis.

The Boeing 737-500, which was flying from Cairo to Tunis, went down shortly before it was due to land, officials at the Tunis-Carthage Airport said. Some news agency reports said it had plunged into a hill.

Fifty-five passengers and five crew were on board the aircraft when it went dow in Nahli, in the northern part of the capital, about six kilometres (four miles) from the airport.

Some on board are reported the be alive and have been taken to hospital.

The control tower had lost contact with the plane a few seconds earlier, just after the pilot sent out a distress call, The Associated Press reported.

Weather was foggy and rainy at the time of the crash, with sandstorms blowing in from the Sahara Desert.