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"Egaad" "Gadzooks!" New Security Regs.

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Nov 28, 2001
In thieir inifinite wisdom the nomes from Washington, and Oklahoma City have brewed up a good one.

The new security regs state that "criminal history checks are required for any individual who has unescorted access within a security identification display area (SIDA) or who performes security screening functions." "The regulations will affect virtually all of our airport employees, all pilots and flight attendants and any other employee or outside contractor who has access to a secured area.", states a letter from the assistants to the "Grand Poobah" from our operations department.

Each affected person will also have to undergo a fingerprint-bassed criminal history record check. The list of offenses, on or after December 6, 1991, includes 28 items with number 26, general felony, including
1.Wilful destruction of property
2. Importation or manufacture of a controlled substance
3. Burglary
4. Theft
5. Dishonesty, fraud or misrepresentation: I'm in trouble here, I do this in bars to pretty girls all the time.
6. pssession or distribution of stolen property
7. Aggravated assualt
8. Bribery
9. Illegal possession of a controlled substance.

Also Rape or aggrivated sexual abuse. Please note I am a cad, scoundrel, and overall borderline pervert but never violent. I just whine and beg alot.

It's good to know that our goverment is looking out for our aviation system. I wouldn't want to work with any criminials or anything...... Say that's a good idea. When can give this fingerprint test to all of congress! I wouldn't want the country to be run by a bunch of crooks!

Ahh the goverment "They may look like idiots, and talk like idiots but don't let that fool you." "They really are idiots."

Just think what this is going to do to the hiring process!!

"Time wounds all heels."
As most on this board know, I am a huge opponent of big government and the "Big Brother Is Watching" mentality growing in our government post 9/11.

However, this isn't much beyond the criminal checks we already have through the PRIA. They just require them for everyone now... rampers, caterers, fuelers, etc. I think this is a great idea. Why should we have these individuals running around unchecked? They are the wink link in security right now.
The section you mention states general felony convictions. We're not talking about everyday stuff here. If someone is convicted of a felony for one of the listed offenses, maybe they shouldn't have unescorted access to the ramp and aircraft.

As for requiring members of Congress to undergo these checks- HA! We'd lose too many politicians.
Don't forget, these are the same people that vote themselves raises!
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I'm sure someone willl get exicited about this but it's hard to cash a check today without being required to put your finger print on it...and you leave them on everything you touch, anyway. I can't count the number of times I've been fingerprinted for checks, from employment to security to personal concealed weapons permits. It's just not a big deal. All the so-called background checks to date for SIDA access have always been a joke, anyway. An effort such as this is nothing more than an effort to catch security proceedures up with the 19th century.

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