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EFB/Electronic Charts

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Oct 13, 2003
I know there are a ton of topics on the EBF's and electronic charts. But I need to know if the computers need to be professionally installed on the airplane. I wouldn't want a tablet PC sitting on my lap in turbulence and falling on the floor during an ILS, for example. And to have a computer on each side of the cockpit that can talk to each other, like some airlines are about to have. Does anybody know the cost of this operation, and where it can be done? This is for a Hawker 800A.

Thanks in advance.
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Don't get the Flight Deck Resources. junk junk junk
We used Motion Computing tablets that had a suction cup mount to the window. Our POI approved it and we used it for over a year before we bought an STC from Gulfstream for the detachable arms. Weststar in GJT did the negotiating with Gulfstream and the install. I think the STC rights were around $1,000 per tablet.

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