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Eclipse 500 rolled out

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Anyone get any word on estimated insurance costs for this plane? The specs look great, and I'd think anyone considering a new Baron, Malibu, or whatever will give this a serious look. But if it costs tons more per year to insure, all of a sudden those good looking operating costs won't look so good anymore.
Good for them! How many new designs do we hear about the turn out to be pipe dreams?

It's about time that we had a semi-affordable small jet.
Good for them. They still have a long road ahead of them though...

Bigd, I read a while back that the factory plans on doing pilot training for insurance purposes. The factory was requiring 1200 tt for new owner/pilots to take the course.

Don't know the answer to your question, but it is a good one. I wouldn't want to be on of the first ten owners to fight for insurance on a new aircraft!
I understand they already have 500 orders.... wow

And some club in switzerland already has 112 of those.
I hope it works out, that thing looks so cute! :D

And to think that the CEO was a major Microsofter! :rolleyes:

No wonder, should see that cockpit. It's like, where's the good ol dials and switches???
QUOTE:"I understand they already have 500 orders.... wow"

Well, that's where it gets a little gray....

Not sure what you mean by a club having 112. This is the first one.

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