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Eastman Kodak

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Left for ProPilotWorld
Jan 5, 2002
Looking for anyone who knows something about Kodak, they're out of Rochester, NY... Currently operate GIV, CL601, CL604...


Kodak has 1 Gulfstream 4 and 2 Challenger 604's. They are a great bunch up there on the ROC. I believe the mins are 1500 hrs. and a 4 year degree.

Half of thier flights are domestic and the other half can be any place on the globe. They were one of the first Corporate operators to go into Viet Nam years back when it opened up.

I dont believe they care if you have the type ratings in thier equipment, they look for good people. They have a really good bunch.

Good luck.
Their published minimums (a few years ago anyway) are:
4yr. Degree
Some turbine experience.
They will type you in both aircraft during your first year there. Great people if you don't mind the cold.

Just thought I'd share with you my conversation I had recently with one of the co-pilots on the Challenger I had the other day in TEB. This is what I can remember him telling me:

It was not uncommon to fly from ROC to PARIS and back in one "duty" day. Yes, that's right, under Pt 91; LEGAL, but??? Other international trips have exceeded a reasonable 14 hours duty time, this happens I know, but how safe is that?

On the shorter trips there is no flight attendant. So when you fly from ROC to TEB for instance the co-pilot is also the flight attendant. Be expected to jump up after takeoff and serve the boss his heated dinner, serve wine and clean up after, etc.

One final gripe he has. The days off. If you didn't fly yesterday, you were off. You are always on call, even if the aircraft is gone on a trip (You might have to replace the pilot if they become sick! etc.). and even when the plane was down for maintenance.

He is generally happy, the pay is good, the aircraft are in excellent shape, maintenance is top notch. They have a few quirky things as mentioned above, (and a few more I am sure), so maybe not a bad place to hang your hat for a few years. Right now he's greatful to be working, as we all are that have jobs.

Any Kodak employees / ex-employees out there?

I worked for Kodak and moved on due to family reasons. They were very understanding. Paris and back in one day? I dont think so . If I had my way I would call Kodak "Home". They are a great bunch up there on the ROC. If I had my way I would have never left. I have seen alot of flight departments in my time in Corp. They do it right. Period. Safety is number "One".

Remember one thing...Corporate isnt the Airlines and nothing is perfect. And one more thing. I have been personally served, in the cockpit, by the last chairman, George Fischer, their cust. "passengers" are the best. In fact the best trained passengers I have seen in 20 years!

Take it from somebody that has been there and done that, I've temped for alot of people. If Kodak called me to fly for one day, I'd go, no questions asked. From the mait. department to any of there line pilots, they are very proffesional.

If you have any more questions send me a private e-mail.

I'm sure they are a wonderful bunch up there on the ROC. I think it's important for anyone to see the other side. I too have worked at several companies, not everything is perfect, but like relationships, we never really remember all the bad times, do we?

I'm not directing a hit at Kodak, it was a conversation I had which I wanted to share with others. And yes, Paris and back in one day is what I was told. Take it from me, I am not going to gossip-monger, and that's why I invited a response from anyone at Kodak. I hear that Safety is #1, as it should be.

My guess is the pilot I was speaking to would not be calling Kodak him "Home," just somewhere he's living right now. I wish he'd join this discussion, it would have greater impact.

I can't add to this any longer, I have said what I heard, shared my thoughts, and cannot comment on something I have no personal experience in.

I'm sure Kodak is a wonderful place to hang your hat, if that's where you call home.

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