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Easties tremble as Nic nears

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Uncle Bunkle

Well-known member
May 20, 2005
Those crusty old East farts will wish they never screwed with the Nic ruling...Te younger A.West guys start to take over, Yeah!!!
Its like COMMUNISM. Saturate the masses with mis-information and soon everyone believes it. This issue is far from being resolved. The appeals process will follow and the misery will linger.
I have a serious West bias...and these sorts of threads even make me uncomfortable. I kinda think we can stop carpet bombing FI with "I told you so" and start the enormously uncomfortable process of trying to lumber out of this quagmire (*if that's even possible).
There's no way that guy's a west pilot. Say what you will about us, me and anyone else I know over here don't throw sh!t in people's faces. Totally unprofessional.

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