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East Coast Commute

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Livin' The Dream
Nov 30, 2003
Just wondering for you boys/girls who commute from the east coast how it goes? How is commuting from say PHL to MSP area? More or less space these days, doable?


I just talked to a us air gate agent and he said that there are at least 20 air wiskey pilots and 20 piedmont pilots tht commute to the east coast throught philli and at least that many through charlotte as well.
To add to that, Philli gets backed up on cler blue day, let alone when the east coast gets weathered in.
I commute to MSP a fare amount and hate that and would not recommend it to an enemy!! Im sure many of you on this board will back me up on this.
I commute from MSP to JFK. No Problem. There are 2 Sun Country flights per day. One at 6:30 am and one at 2:55pm. Always open and the crews are great to work with. As for LGA you are stuck with NW. I dont know about PHL. Sorry.

I have commuted from Seattle to Cincinatti for 3.5 Years and Seattle to Boston for 1.5 Years prior. I would not wish this on any one!!!

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