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East Coast 737

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Mar 30, 2002
Anyone know of any places on the east coast to get the B737 type rating?

Both small and large schools please.

Pan Am in MIA has a special going for a 14 day 737-200 for about $7500 bones everything included...lodging too. No I don,t work there I just saw it on there website last night. They also have a 737-300 FOR ABOUT $10,000 BONES. Good Luck.

Beware of any type rating less than about 7K. Get references from people you know. There are a lot of 737 type factories out there that put you in un-certified sims and also lie about how much time you get. Some count time as an observer. If you don't get 10 hours at the controls as PF and 10 as PNF in a properly maintained FAA certified sim it ain't a legit school.
B 737

Try Continental.com , go to contract flight training and look for the information, cost of course $10,000 Dollars and it runs 2 week's at the houston location.

taught by their capitians:D
Got mine at K&S Aviation in Phoenix. Not east coast, but they are using USAIR sims in Charlotte in some cases. Airfare from Phoenix to Charlotte and back and lodging included in the $7750 price. Very well run operation by Kirk Menard, SWA Captain, and his wife. All of the instructors were knowledgeable and professional. Our instructors were line pilots at SWA and America West and one guy was a ground instructor at American West. Small class size (6 people).



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