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Ear Clogging

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Well-known member
Jan 7, 2002
Maybe somebody has some suggestions for me....

My left ear is always clogged. I can make myself yawn inside the airplane to unclog my ears but my left one never uncloggs. Whenever I am on the ground and for example, I blow my nose, it'll unclog but once I stop blowing it'll clog back up. Sounds kinda funny but it's really annoying.


Thanks Again,
Ear clog

Try the Valsava maneuver. Close your mouth, pinch your nostrils and blow forward (not too hard :eek: ).

Hope that helps. It worked for me when I would be well. If it wasn't working, chances are I had some bug or something.

Hey man, that is exactly what I do, but the same thing happens, it'll just clog back up.

Oh well..

Try using one of the water removal products available for swimmers ear. I had the same problem. Turned out to be water lodged in my inner ear, apparently from showering. Cleared it up within a couple of uses.
Try hydrogen peroxide(sp?).

If you have any kinda simple infection this will clean it out real good. It will tickle as it bubbles, but seems to work for me everytime I have an ear issue.
Or.............just go to a doctor and get some professional advice. It's probably something simple and easy cure. But I know of someone who had an ear infection, didn't go to the doctor and it ended up being a virus that eventually spread to his brain. He's now 28 years old and learning to read "See Spot Run" books again.
Ear block

I agree with the above, then. Maybe you should see your doctor. Pressures inside your ear can blow out your eardrum. I met this student at Riddle who blew out an eardrum. It took eighteen months for it to heal. He did get back his medical. I have no idea if a history of blown-out eardrums kills one's chances with airlines; I heard once it does.
Have any of you heard of pilots getting a hole drilled in their ear somewhere or in their sinuses? I heard from a "friend of a friend", that some people have genetic problems that prevents them from equalizing the pressure in their ear or sinuses, which is obviously not good for business if you are a pilot. The probelm is fixed by actually drilling a hole in yer noggin! Is this true, or was someone yankin' my chain?
Interesting you should ask...

I had a bad clog in my ear and couldn't figure it out. My hearing was muffled and I got concerned, so I went to the doctor. He took one look in it and said that I had a wax buildup and that they should irragate it. The funny thing was that I had cleaned my ears out a couple of days prior and couldn't find anything. When they cleaned it out, I felt like a new man.

I am 90% sure this is what it is from the symptoms you've described.

Good luck,

I had a really bad ear infection once and only after seeing my doctor, did he find out that my eardrum was torn. Why? Q-tips. Cleaning your ears out with Q-tips is the worst thing you can do to your ears. I thoght being careful to not go so deep would be alright, but you agrivate the linings of your ear by doing so. It was a big mess and was out of work for 4 weeks. Do yourself a favor. Buy the ear wax removing crap at Walmart. It works alot better then Q-tips. But, never stick anything bigger then your elbow into your ear.

Go to your doctor if your having problems with ear blockage. You might try Sudefed also. 4mg's in allowed daily per the FAA, but thats it.

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