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The sign up agreement states that you must be current and qualified... That kind of leaves your fuloughed brothers out of the picture doesn't it? Forgive my saying so, but that kind of stinks.
Why don't you open the site for everyone!!
Instead of turning people down!! when they try to register.
Unless if the info in yoursite is classified!
Try V1rotate.com

If you go to v1rotate.com there is already an Eagle board set up and it is active. Click on the fourms tab on top, then on US Jet operators or National Airlines and Eagle is on either list. the page can be book marked for easier access.

It's a quality site that's fully established.



Why is it Eagle pilots only? I don't quite understand the need for a closed Eagle forum when you already have the ALPA board which is private. I'm not trying to tell you what to do with your board, but when you block everyone else from particpating it gives the appearance of being afraid to let people in who might have a dissenting point of view or otherwise disagree with the current Eagle agenda. Just an observation.
Hey guys, I dont run the site I was just passing the info along. If you are on furlough you can still acess the site. I asked the webmaster the same question, that he needed to make the site more open ans user friendly.

The site is designed to allow Eagle Pilots to talk freely and to bridge the gap between the domiciles. An open message board allows everyone including management to view posts. This type of open forum has failed in the past due to the threat of a lawsuit by the company against the site owner. As a result that site was shut down and the very reason this site requires a password to access.

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