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Eagle @ SJU

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Well-known member
Feb 28, 2005
I have heard the negatives about SJU. Friends said pay is less and rest time is less than the mainland. Any truth to what they said? Concerned because I may be a new hire and SJU is a high possibility for the new guy.
It's the same first year pay regardless of what you fly (jets/props) If you plan on commuting to the mainland as soon as possible the non-rev charges will add up. $1800 has been taken out of my paycheck this year for travel, and most of the time I go off-line for a free ride home. Your paycheck will be substantially smaller if you commute.

We get the required rest that the FAA wants and usually more so. Overnights go from 9-12 hrs. That is because many schedules have wait times between the flights up to 4.5 hrs which means we get a 9 hr overnight.

If you go to Eagle plan on getting SJU so you aren't surpised when you do. If you do get SJU plan on spending no less than 18 months before you start jet class. You may be able to bid MIA ATR fairly quickly though. The company has a 10-14 month seat-lock on the ATR, which means you can't bid for the jet until that time passes, it will then depend on staffing as to when you will start jet class.

Personally, if I had to do it over again, I would have to Great Lakes. My paycheck would have been fairly identical and I would have had more time at home with my wife.

However, if you like to do different things and you don't have any ties (wife, GF, kids) that will be staying in the states, or would have a short, easy commute from the east coast, and if you like beaches and surfing, enjoy PR and make the most of it.

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