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Eagle or Mesa?

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Mesa... I think upgrade at Eagle is 7yrs :(
When I was out of work I shotgunned resumes to just about everyone except MESA. They have some good folks working for them, but a really lousy contract and work rules, and the evil Ornstein (sp?) in charge. Just say no!
Even with a 7 year upgrade, have some self respect, dont go to mesa. Go to Eangle OR keep applying to other places.
Come To The Dark Side

NEITHER. Get away from those regionals and checkout the dark side of the cargo world.

More $$money$$, better schedules, much quicker upgrades and no passengers to deal with, plus I'm flying a heavy. There is of course the bad stuff, like flying mostly at night, and no hot flight attendants, but that's all the bad stuff that I can think of. And after seeing some of those fat and ugly flight attendants at some of those regionals I'd have to say the flying at night is the worse thing.
talked to an eagle fo last week, he's been right seat for 10 yrs., and he said he will never upgrade...in the jet that is, if american calls back then maybe sooner. Mesa sucks but get time take the dash for upgrade and go to SWA or CAL or whatever,,,,,,, goooooooood luck
Don't be afraid to try SkyWest. Good work rules and the upgrade is about the same as Mesa's.
Go to Mesa, upgrade in 1 year on the E145 (what is happening now--for MCO), get some PIC, apply to CAL.

Bye Bye--General Lee
My friend with roughly the same experience was hired at eagle the same time I was hired at Mesa.

Almost 2 years later these are the straight facts:

Him - FO in Miami on the ATR
- Making 20something an hour
- Has a nice schedule, off like 13-15 days a month
- can stay securely in Miami with no fear of displacement
- Hopes to "upgrade" to E145FO in the next couple months
- Has a "nice" uniform with a jacket and hat
- Has like 850 hours of Turbine SIC time
- Travels alot on days off, easy trip trades
- Is generally content, likes his job
- gets to drink beer pretty often

ME - CA in Denver on the DHC-8
- Making 41 an hour Should gross 48K this year
- 8 Days off reserve schedule / mixed line usually worth 80 hrs
- Sit ready reserve 5+ days a month
- Secure in Denver, but RJ guys get displaced regularly
- Can hold ERJ in MCO making 56 an hour / not interested
- Will probably get ORD CRJ capt by December
- Have 1000 Turbine PIC
- rarely get to drink beer
- Rarely travel for fun
- ugly unprofessional uniform
- Get harassed by Crew Tracking regularly
- Have had to fight to get paid properly
- Am going prematurely grey, possibly developing a stomach ulcer
- Becoming pretty negative and miserable
- Looking seriously at career advancement in the near future elsewhere
- Much more competitive than him on a resume
- Hated by Flightinfo.com types for working @ mesa

So, I guess look at the facts, decide which sucks less, and make an informed decision! :)

but we love you Otto- my bro in law still drives the 4 wd green van!!!

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