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Eagle Contract Question

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Aug 12, 2002
some airlines like ACA for example, you could get hired back after you resigned ( bottom of seniority list ) if you got furloughed at your new job. Does anyone know if eagle has the same provision in the contract and if so, what are the details ???

ex-eagle guy
I haven't heard that before, but I know the contract states you can defer the recall until the most junior person accepts it. It will be a long time before everyone gets back to the line, so deferral will buy you some time.

There is no provision for that. A friend of mine that was furloughed from a major airline called Eagle to see if they could be rehired. He was told Eagle wouldn't be hiring for a long time anyway, but that there was no special provision.

When Eagle starts hiring again, call your old chief pilot and have him/her put a call in for you. But you might find a better job by then anyway.

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