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E170 at Pinnacle?

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Well-known member
Jun 27, 2005
Ok so I was at the Pinnacle CEC the other day and in the confrence room behind the front desk there was a meeting of some sort going on. I was only able to watch the last few slides of the powerpoint but it was talking about "embrarier providing pilot and mechanic training for the E170 to Newco." So what does that mean? Is Pinnacle Newco, if so why did the slides specificly say newco? I understand they have a second operating certificate could this be another HoJets? Or maybe it was nothing and Pinnacle was just exploring some options for the future.......ahhh the suspense
That never happened, first off they are not considerign the E170. Second, there is no way Pinnacle can undertake NewCo; they can't even run Pinnacle. Mechanic situation is going to be run by GroundCo. Lastly, Pinnacle is going to remain profitable at it's current structure. Even upper management has not made plans yet for NewCo, they are still in the process of hiring people to run that company. I know them, not a one of them is part of Pinnacle.
Ya, so does ALPA. 9E is profitable right now minus the month and half payment miss by NWA in its BK. Until a new agreement is reach with NWA witch the profit will be much smaller. 9E is looking at the 170 for its new ticket, and as far as new-co goes, I hope that the bk judge will shoot it right out of the sky. If not I hope 9E stays as far away from it as possible. Facts and a few hopes.
Those E170 would be flying for another company outside of NWA. In fact all indictions put Pinnacle outside of the NWA family. They could be positioning themselves to move onto other flying, of which, I wouldn't know about. My position is to get XJ pilots to join the mainline, if they don't they will be SOL. Mainly because NewCo is a current subsidary of NWA and it will be flown by NWA pilots. I know XJ has some government contracts for the S340, however these planes will probably be leaving soon with the Avro. If they join mainline, they will get furloughed instead of being terminated. Although all that is speaking if NWA is still around by next year. If they Join the mainline, they will probably take a 5-10 year furlough out of mainline NWA. The junior XJer's will really benefit from this, seeing as they will be mainline widebody captains in 10-15 years. The Senior XJer's will probably have to look at other options outside of the NWA system. If they aren't doing this aready they should probably start.
NEW-CO, new company with no name, thats all it stands for. NWA is trying to start a new company, 9E is trying to start a new company. Everyone trying to start a new ticket or company with no name is called new-co. With that in mind reread xcr600 post, it might make more sense. I hope the best for my friends over at XJ. And if you work for me, get over here my driveway needs to be shoved!

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