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Dumb SWA Question

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Jan 13, 2002
Does anyone have any advice on what to wear to the finger print/proof of US citizenship appointment? An interview suit seems a little formal, but I'd hate to give the wrong impression. Thanks
Dumb Answer...

Just curious iva,

You are Poolie #60, and you show an available date of 2003??

Seems to cast some doubt on how the PD picks names from the pool for records updates/finger prints, etc.?

Any reasons given as to why they asked you to come in for this?? Once again - they seem to enjoy keeping us dazed and cornfused!

Have a great day!! tredding

PS - I would wear biz casual, perhaps a sport coat w/ no tie, seems that would work o.k.
I wore a white shirt with tie and slacks, my corporate pilot gig. I look at it this way, I don't have the job yet and to go in looking like a rag-a-muffin wouldn't be proper and in a sense I feel they're still looking at me.

Like pegasus's said, it took 15 minutes.

RJ (jetpltrich)
I wore a nice golf shirt, golf shorts... told them I was on my way to the golf course and got pleasant smiles and "gee wish I could go". My take on it is it wasnt a formal appointment so I didnt treat it that way. I was just being myself. Had a nice visit with Amy, who did my prints. Heck I would have volunteered to clean the floors if they had wanted but since I wasnt working (not necessarily a good thing), I was taking advantage of my day and playing golf ( with a SWA capt who also had day off ). Not a single person there looked at me sideways.


I went dressed as "Karl" from Slingblade.

Walked in an said, "Mmmhhmmm. I'm here fer gettin' fingerprinted. Mmmhhmmm. I don't reckon you got some french fried taters? Mmmhhmm. One guy says 'Water's cold' other guy says 'yeah, and deep too.' Get it? I reckon one of 'em's from Arkansas. Mmmhhmm."

They all just kinda stood 'round and says, 'Don't call us, we'll let ya know when ders a class fer ya.' Mmmhhmm. One feller offered me his french fried taters. Mmmhhmm. Wanted to know if I'd take 'em and leave. Mmhhmm. Guess I shoulda wore my coat and tie. Maybe dey'd unnerstand the joke 'bout the two fellers standin' on the bridge. Mmmhhmm.

Hopin' fer a class real soon. Mmmhhmm.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

As a reservist I am currently on tap until Feb, but that could change(although it could change to later too), so I think they wanted to get me with everyone else.
I went with the tie. Te first thing they said was "pilot? You guys always dress nicely". That made me a lot more comfortable than I would have been had they said "nice thong!"

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