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Dumb question

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Wyndham's, Doubletree's, Hilton's, Sheraton's, Radisson's and on down to the lowly Holiday Inn's, Settle Inn's. They're actually not bad and I've noticed our hotel quality improving! We seem to be getting more and more Wyndham's and Doubletree's.
Thanks, sounds like it's not too bad..........With my travels in the military there is nothing like a nice comfortable bed.......oh, and there is nothing like having to fly a full day after a terrible nights sleep in a crappy bed......
Yeah I hear those AF BOQs are really a bummer (cough). The minibar is never stocked adequately, etc. Try sleeping under the landing area / catapult #3!
ACA's hotels are hot-or-miss. A lot of Wyndhams, Wingates, and Holiday Inns (good) But there seem to be a lot of Hamtpon Inns, too. (bad)

We have a pretty good hotel rep in the union and an on-line complaint/compliment form which he uses to pressure the company to make changes.

The biggest complaints -- we don't stay downton often enough, and no food nearby.
Pintarski, yeah I've some some experience a time or two with the Navy lodging.....I feel your pain......of course it's not like on the carrier I couldn't even start to imagine......but, hey, you get too fly those cool jets.....
AT Piedmont we stay at some nice ones to, them beds aint that comfortables.

We also stay at some old historic places in Va, and those beds are nicer than the Sheraton, its also huanted to. Some of you guys know where Im talking about, I still havent seen any ghosts.
DarnNearaJet that's funny, I guess either mil or civ the complaints don't change....LOL....but hey, we're aircrew....it's standard whinning.....

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