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Dumb question for UPS folks

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Well-known member
Aug 17, 2003
I was reading the blizzard story over at CNN.com, at the very end was a quote from a UPS spokesperson saying that no deliveries should be delayed because UPS never has packages in motion on Sundays. That quote seemed a little odd. Surely you guys operate 24/7, so how could packages not be "in motion" on Sundays?
I'm not a current employee of UPS, nor have I worked for the airline part of the operation. I have, however, worked in the ground operation and my answer is based on that experience.

There are Saturday package deliveries at UPS that the customer has to pay extra for. Other than that, the ground operation is a Monday-Friday operation. The ground hubs are closed on Sundays, and for the most part on Saturdays too. There may be some limited big-truck operations over the weekend, but I would even doubt that as most of the trucks seem to be day-cab shorter haul routes (Nashville - Knoxville - Nashville, etc.).

I would venture a guess that the airline operates 24/7, but this spokesperson was probably referring to roadway traffic and the difficulties that snow and ice can cause.

UPS have a very limited weekend domestic schedule compaired to weekday operations. Most flights on weekends are for packages that absolutely cannot be put on a truck and driven to the intended destination. So no, the brown truck will not pull up to your house on Sunday.

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