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Duchess flying in the US

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott uses them. Also, if you just want a flight school and not a college, Tradewinds Aviation at PTK uses one.
SuperD..thanks for reply....

I am in the UK at present, do you have any contact inormation for the flight schools that you mentioned?
I am told that at Prescott (the frontier campus), that you get most of your time in Duchess. So most of them come out with more like 200 base time in multi versus the 20-30 that you have to get at Daytona. Riddle is seeming more and more like a joke everyday.
I highly recommend Diamond Aviation in San Carlos, just south of San Francisco. They have a wonderful Duchess there with a Garmin 430 that is owned and maintained by a United Airlines mechanic. The school itself is owned by a helo pilot and they have a couple of R22's (I noticed your "types flown"). Their website is www.ksql.com. You can private message me if you have any other questions about the school.
Navigator...thanks for the info...

...I am in the UK @ present and as such am finding it difficult to search for contact information for the less known flight schools..do you have a contact name or number or URL?
Its seems that there are much fewer shools with Duchess's on line.

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