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Drunk ATCer just saying fly safe

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Well-known member
Oct 28, 2002
Hey all my fellow aviators, i wish I was still flying but hey, it isn't bad sometimes to have a fellow aviator sittin in the tower making sure your all safe and sound.

I respect you, I really do. I just wish sometimes, us controllers could get the respect we deserve. We do but some times the anomisty and disrespect to controllers is uncalled for.

There isn't a day goes by I wish I was up at FL330 cruising through the skies at .80 flying from one city to the other, but at the same time I love what I do, I get to talk to you guys and gals all day long and make sure no one gets hurt. I get to see how close I can put two planes together without getting fired :).

Just a thanks to you all for making us the safest airspace in the world. WE as controllers take pride in the fact that we can move you all safe and sound through out the NAS and not get anyone killed. Just remember, we are all human, we make mistakes as do you, but I assure you, no matter how close something looks, your not in harms way. Keep the wings as level as possible, the sunny side up, and remember, to thank your controller, of course we get paid to keep you seperated and to get you from point a to b, but we are all brothers and sisters with the coolest jobs in the world. I promise to keep you safe if you promise to appreciate what I do for you....deal?

Take Care
Hear, Hear,

I cannot begin to thank you enough. Yes we have TCAS, but that doesnt make me a controller. I dont see how you guys do it. I was waiting in CLT the other day to takeoff and the tower controller was doing an awsome job getting US Airways off with us GA planes and arrivals. I commented to the co-pilot that I have never seen a finer job of controlling. We were like number 9 for takeoff and it only took a few minutes. I told the controller what a great job before we switched to departure.

Not all pilots are prima-donnas. I've been flying since I was 15 (35 now) and I still learn stuff. Yall do a great job. Keep up the good work.

I make it a point to give an "Good Job" in my hand off when I hear a controller getting slammed. And a "Welcome Aboard" to the next controller. RVSM is GREAT. Wish you guys could see these crossings from the front seat.

I for one appreciate the team work.
It's funny that you post this now. Two nights ago I almost posted something similar to this (but from a pilot perspective).
We had just departed MDW and it was generally overcast with a cold sprinkle and all around a crummy day. We were talking to departure and as the captain was checking in with them we broke out on top of a solid overcast where an incredible sunset was painting the flat tops incredible shades of blue, purple, orange, red, and yellow as far as you could see. For whatever reason, I thought about the lady working departure who's voice I had just heard and said to myself, "It's an incredible show tonight...thanks for all the hard work you do down there, I wish I could bring you up here so that you can see what we get to see." (corny, yes, but I just thought about her stuck in that dark room working a black and green radar screen. Even on her breaks all she would see when she looked outside was a dismal, gray day) I, for one, appreciate all the hard work you guys and gals do. I don't know how you can do it, but more power to ya! You may not have the glamorous job, or the one with a lot of recognition from the public, but in my eyes, you're the most important piece of the "safe aviation" puzzle.
How do they do it?

They make a hell of a lot more money than we do, thats how. :D

They do a great job tho...if flying doesn't work out, I'm going ATC for sure...
I want to throw out my thanks as well. Somedays when the frequency is buzzing Im amazed how you guys handle everyone without even a hesitation. I do appreciate everything you offer us and when Im zigzagging between thunderstorms trying to find my home airport your headings were dead on. Kept me shiny side up. Thanks a bunch you do hella good work and I mention that every so often.
Lrjtcaptain said:
I respect you, I really do. I just wish sometimes, us controllers could get the respect we deserve. We do but some times the anomisty and disrespect to controllers is uncalled for.

Don't take it personally, man. We don't even give our fellow pilots the respect they deserve. After 12 hours of duty it's just a job, and hackles get raised. I apologize on their/our behalf. Keep up the good work, it's appreciated.
I am always respectful to my fellow ATCers....U guys rock!
as long as you guys keep getting me home safely to my family and my girlfriend, you're all-right in my book!! :D

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