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DRUG TESTS? WHY b/f Hire Decision???

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Well-known member
Dec 28, 2001
It really seems like we should call this sight SWAINFO..

Anyhow, I know its a great airline to make a career at but why do they send you for a drug test at their expense and your time before the actual decision comes in? I did the test and a couple weeks later got the letter in the mail. I even heard from my references that they were talking with them prior to my rejection. I really dont think it was my references but then again who knows. Unless my wife has been feeding me bad biscuits, Im certain my rejection was not for the drug test. My question: Why Drug Test People your not going to hire? Last time I checked, which was at my SWA Drug Test, it cost them about $75 per test ( Im sure they have a better deal then that but still, why throw away the money?). forgive the grammar..its late.

This just doesn't make sense to me how the system works. I will keep rockin on, but it still pains me to give away personal fluids for the kick of it. Then again, maybe they were serious about me. Who Knows??? Its like trying to figure out why the only girl you wanted to date at 14 wouldnt go out with you.

Seriously Guys, Since I spent a whole day providing a sample how close was I?????? Any insight is much appreciated...

I will pagain hopefully, & cheers to the boyz & girls who pright.
I interviewed in February and will hopefully go before the DB on March 13th. I've heard that when you come out of the interview, you can fall into four catagories. First catagory is three thumbs up from your interviewers (not even worth discussing in the DB). If you get two up one down, they may discuss some of your contacts, but you will probably get an offer. If you fall into the one up and two down, then they will look at those LORs with a microscope, and you are definitely a "tweener". The three thumbs down and your contacts aren't even called. The way I understand it is that if you fall into the first three catagories, you have passed the interview in varying degrees, and they have to conduct background checks so that if the board decides you are a go, it is a done deal. I may be out to lunch on the above scenario, but it is what I heard through the "grapevine."
Maybe I did turn a Head or Two!!

Thanks Hornet...It really has been a mystery to me. I interviewed Aug. 2001. I previously called and asked for some feedback from The People Dept. and they said that they would try and have someone call me. I never received the call and Im somewhat reluctant to call again as I dont want to pester them. I know their very busy. Your insight to the process at least tells me they were giving me a good look over. Hopefully, I will have another shot. Best of Luck to you.
another theory

Maybe this is a hold-over from days of yor when the wait wasn't so long and they found themselves waiting for the drug test to be complete before they put people in class.
As it stands today I have heard that the wait is so long as to require a second drug test before getting on property.

Best of luck!

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