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Drug test before DB

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Coffee Break is over!
Jan 28, 2002
I think I am meeting a 13 March DB. A lot of us have one Question about the drug test.

How many people on your 20 Feb DB were called to take the Drug test before the 20 Feb DB. Of those called how many were hired and not hire. Or did everyone that got called for the Drug test before the DB get hired.

Bottom line, is getting the call for a drug test before the DB a clue that you are probably going to make it.

Drug Test is neutral. I did not get called for the drug test and was hired at the 20 Feb DB. Several of my buds also were hired and did not get drug tested prior to the DB. On the flip side, several posts on this board can attest to the fact that getting the drug test prior to the DB does not guarantee being hired. Hope this helps and just wait patiently.

Drug Test

We keep hearing that SWA does not waste $$. If the January interviewees are not even getting class dates until May/June, why would they bother drug testing February interviewees until after the DB?

It makes sense to me!

Lets standby the phone next Friday Opie!
Drug test/contact calls

As to the signifigance of drug test and contacts called before decision board:

Talked directly with a VERY reliable source in the SW people department and here is what the person said, take it or leave it:

Paraphrasing- "The fact that a person is called for a drug test and has had their contacts called before the decision board is in no way an indication of a successful interview. This is a change from previous times. Some people just have certain parts of the process completed before others."

I asked the question when I called to find out why I was not selected for employment. The fact is many people will be called for a drug test and have their contacts called when they have already been essentially eliminated in the interview. I know this doesn't make much sense from a company that cares so much about the "bottome dollar" but this is what I was told.

Whether anyone chooses to believe this or not is their call.

For the record- as poor as I think the hiring process is, I still would luv to fly for SWA. For those of you who made the cut congratulations and please enjoy it for the rest of us.

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