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Driving record question...

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Well-known member
Mar 19, 2002
Hey guys this is for a buddy of mine, heh I know that is a cliche...Anyway. He is a flight instructor at a good flight school and recently got in a little driving trouble. He got a wreckless driving ticket, where the judication was withheld. He is just wondering what kind of trouble this is going to pose for him when it comes to applying for regionals...He has an otherwise completly clean record, driving or otherwise. Thanks for the info in advance.
Driving record

Best way for your "friend" to find out is for him to order his driving records from all states in which he's had driver's licenses. Another thing your "bud" should do is order his records from the National Driver Register at the Department of Transportation, http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/people/perform/driver .

That way he has in his possession the same information others can find out about him, which can help level the playing field somewhat. Usually the older the offense the less trouble it causes, and if it was a first and/or only offense, it should not cause much trouble at all. The important thing is to answer the question on the app truthfully. Most everyone makes at least one mistake in life. Those who haven't haven't lived much. Lots of luck to your friend.
hehe love the quotes...but believe it or not its not me. Never been a cfi, skipping right to UPT. Its a pretty recent infraction, I guess the info I'm looking for is whether its going to hurt his app process...
Hey Vandal I just wanted congratulate you on your recent sponsorship in that C-130 Guard Unit. Hopefully that'll be me a few years down the road (Although I want a Hog Unit) Good Luck in UPT!
hehe thanks for the congrats and no I don't go to U of I...hehe anyone have any answers to my question?
The short answer is that a ticket for reckless driving is going to cause concern about your friend's judgment and ability to follow rules and regs. It’s not a DUI or alcohol related offense though (or is it?) which would be much worse. There is a reason why the airlines pull your driving records when you apply, or at least they think they have a good reason.

He needs to do what Bobbysamd suggested and get his state and national records to see how the offense was characterized.

At the least, he needs to be able to recount what happened, and be ready to take responsibility for it. Many of the moving violations which get grouped under reckless driving would be difficult to explain - i.e. driving while impaired but less than the statutory BAC for intoxication, aggressive driving, speeding in excess of X MPH above the speed limit. It really depends on the actual offense.

However, we can all at least take some consolation in that your friend's incident was "wreckless." ;)

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