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Drama at DTW!!!!!

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Sorry, no, management has NOT approached us at XJet for concessions. It makes for nice rumors, though.

Try again.
The only thing management has done it discuss with ALPA how imperitive it is to keep cost in line while we try to renegotiate the exclusivity clause in the capacity purchase agreement.

Heres how the next 18 months is going to go......

1 CAL says to XJT, lower your cost by XX% or _(insert bottom feeder here) will be taking your flying.

2. CAL will requests bids from CHQ, MESA, and everyone else with a cessna up to a 797.

3. Everyone (including me) will get on and bash every other airline for being low paid bottom feeders.

4. XJT will secure some sort of cost savings from the pilots.....pref bid(ya right), or contract extention, or no more crew meals, no free adult movies on overnights....ect, but nothing significant.....

5. In the end CAL will or will not take another carrier to fly a few a/c with no where near the completion factor or service we provide to CAL.

6. 24 months from now we'll all still be here pi$$in and whining.

7. 24 1/2 months a new hire pilot will start his own website and we'll make him feel like crap and get a great laugh from it.

8. 25 months http://www.compuglobalhypermega.net/ will still not have answered the question that is most important to us all........where the hell does Homer live!
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You have time to post rumors on flightinfo, but can't be bothered to return my phone call????!!! What the !@#? About your rumors, I know nothing except XJET is about the only other regional that isn't flying codeshare for a bankrupt airline.
FREE ADULT MOVIES ON OVERNIGHT?! DANGIT! My name should be bitemexjet. Crew meals...PBS...phht...peanuts, give them away to keep the porn!
wmudriver said:
Rumors other than XJ shat:

MDA is laying pilots:Source ALPA website

Rumor or truth to any of these?

"laying", I wouldn't call it that, maybe something along the lines of "shoving a rusty pipe up our a$$" might be a better description.

Yes, 15 are to be furloughed on 10/15 (this comming week). The comapny notified them of the furlough back around the 14th of Sept. The next week management called and offered a J4J to these guys at Rep. They all said they wanted to wait until the results of the arbitration (in Nov/first or second week) before they took a J4J because if you take one now and MDA wins the arbitration you could get stuck J4J and not DOH as per the arbitration.

The company then called these guys a second time and told them if they did not accept this J4J offer that they would give up all future J4J rights at Rep. They were trying to "strongarm" them into the 9/27 class. None of them took the offer. The MDA/APL guys that were/are in the 9/27 class accepted the J4J prior to furlough or are APL guys that took an offer that were never at MDA.

I expect my furlough notice will arrive this week (they have to give us 30 days notice) for furlough on or about 11/15/2005. According to the mainline and modified eagle contract I am due atleast 2 months of furlough pay plus what vacation i have accured and not used. The first 15 inquired into this and of course the comapny said no. Yet another shaft from U.

I also should have several options open to me at this point but all doors are being slammed in our faces:

Option #1 - J4J at Rep, Fine I wouldn't mind doing this but like I said above if you go prior to the results of the arbitration you could really screw yourself. Also they want us to sign a 1 year training contract for 7500 when we need a week or so of indoc and 3 sims to get online. Also you'd be at the bottom forever. Also some may view in the same light as the few who took the J4J prior to the furlough this summer when we as a group said we'd stand together until the arbitration. Note: at this point anyone who is furloughed from MDA whold not be looked down upon for taking a postiion if they had to. Again the only ones getting the bad rap are the ones who went this summer prior to the furloughs. So in the end I really don't know what to do with Option #1.

Option#2 - Flow back to PDT. Looks like they (PDT guys) are dragging their feet with this. Apparently they are adding things like if we flow back and there are furloughs at PDT then the "flow back" guys get furloughed first. However they still want flow-up in DOH order. Yet another screwing. Also PDT mec is not telling their guys that the "flow-back" guys will not displace anyone to the street or downgrade. We can only flow back if there are positions available. I feel they are withholding this info so the general PDT pilot group will be opposed to any flowback.

Option #3 - J4J at AWAC. Why the ball is being dropped here we don't really know. I suspect its because the mainline MEC (our MEC) doesn't give a rats a$$ about MDA guys, especially the CEL MDA guys.

Option #4 - J4J at PSA, yet another screwing, the J4J at PSA is not staffed 50%. We should be able to "backfill" these positions as per LOA91. Many MDA guys want this but Tooth boy has his own agenda much like the PDT mec.

So many options yet so many shafts aimed up our butts. O and to top it off the furlough notices state that we are on the APL list once furloughed however the mainline MEC has its own agenda for us. It called the "dust-in-the-wind" agenda. They want us (especially the MDA CEL guys) lopped off the list so they don't have to worry about us for the AWA integration.

O well, maybe I'll just apply to Go jets over there in KSTL, everyone seems to be OK with f*cking me, maybe I should start f#cking others.
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pilotshan said:
You have time to post rumors on flightinfo, but can't be bothered to return my phone call????!!! What the !@#? About your rumors, I know nothing except XJET is about the only other regional that isn't flying codeshare for a bankrupt airline.

Easy there tiger...Hey if you're not flying for a bankrupt legacy carrier...you're not cool. This post was orginally about being yelled at Rio Wraps in the A concouse in DTW. They are like the burrito nazi's...I about cried....or was that the impending blow out it gave me.

Anyway...those were lame rumors that are floating around DTW. MDA pilots getting laid? Lucky bastards. I might be getting laid long time.

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