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Domicile fo Colgan

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Active member
Sep 26, 2005
i went to colgan web page and it list all the bases.
anyone know there junior bases and the chances of getting SYR
SYR is closing

SYR is currently a beech base only, and because most of the new hires are currently going to the SAAB, most new hires would probably not have a chance at it.

Now that being said, it's closing in November as a base, period. Sorry. Things change a lot around here, though, so who knows...maybe it will open again, and this time as SAAB. Doubtful though, because Piedmont opened up a base there again.
As far as the Saab goes, I'd say JST, JHW, ROC, ALB, and PQI are most junior for FOs. Things change and you can probably get where you'd like in a couple months.
CRJDog said:
Is colgan losing USAir flying? just curious.

I guess they are loosing one airplane in ORK. SYR is closing as a base and there's a possibility Colgan might stop flying to JHW and BFD. Just like anything in this industry it is subject to change.
They're not losing anything. I don't know what ORK is...do you mean ORF? Norfolk? That would be the most likely place for us to lose some flying with Air Wisconsin going in, but nothing yet.

The SYR plane is a beech and it's being realocated to ALB. As for JHW and BFD I've heard that we are voluntarily looking into cutting that flying. It's EAS and supposedly isn't worth flying anymore at our current contract rate. That doesn't mean we won't rebid for it at a different price. Who knows.

Bottom line, Colgan is doing very well, and not "losing" anything at the moment.

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