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Dogfight in Cincinnati?

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Jul 19, 2005
Does anybody know of an early evening airshow in Cincinnati? An F-18 or one of those Russian dealies just buzzed my crashpad and went vertical.

Serious or sarcastic replies like mine are appreciated.

Maybe I should just lay off the peyote for a while.
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There was a notam out for acrobatic aircraft demo's just east of CVG for the sept. 4th. Could be at Lunken? There were 3 fighter aircraft parked at eh FBO in CVG on sunday afternoon.
Like the last poster said, there was a notam for the 4th for an area north east of CVG... and while taxing out to 36R the other day there was a blue MIG-29/27 looking aircraft parked by the FBO. I thought it was a Mig, my FO thought it was an F-18 painted with the blue Russian fighter paint.


Fly safe.
Labor Day

Looked like a Mig-29 from a distance that did a couple fly-bys, then there was a Harrier that appear to be only a couple hundred feet off the deck at full speed. Then a couple of low speed passes with hovering right downtown over the river. Part of the big Labor Day fest topped off with gigantic fireworks and 500,000 people!

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