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Doesn't anyone fly the 747 Classic ?

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Well-known member
Jul 28, 2002
I'm still looking for Systems description and PICTURES or (schematics) to download, for the 747 Classic. I would really like this for personal training puposes just in case I get a real job again some day. Actually,I may get recalled soon but I will be forced to go to the 74. I really dont want to learn anymore cause my Brains Full !! But a mans gota do what a mans gota do. So if anyone knows of a site ( free ) where I can find some stuff, Please let me know. As they say in Ireland... TANX Mate.;) :D
www.pprune.org is likely a much better place to find what you're looking for. A lot of Nigel's that have served on the Classic are over there, and it's European to boot.
Thanx Cardinal. I'm not from over there though I did work for the Irish for awhile. Butt Heads. OH did I say that ? Just kidding ! I do have it posted there as well. Thanx again

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