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Does your airlines supply the pilots with PRM



My airline has decided for the last two years that none of the new hires need access to airplane manuals. The question of what they are suppose to study from before there check rides keeps coming up.

I would think my airlines (and FAA) would want well trained knowledgable pilots who understands systems of the airplane.

Is this the new norm at regionals?

Brasilia Pup

Space Shuttle Door Gunner
Apr 15, 2004
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That's a new one to me. We are given a POH, FOM, and plenty of study materials. Just not enough time to study from the fire hose of knowledge.


Dad is my favorite title
Nov 30, 2001
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Sec. 121.137

Distribution and availability.

(a) Each certificate holder shall furnish copies of the manual required by Sec. 121.133 (and the changes and additions thereto) or appropriate parts of the manual to--
(1) Its appropriate ground operations and maintenance personnel;
(2) Crewmembers; and
(3) Representatives of the Administrator assigned to it.
(b) Each person to whom a manual or appropriate parts of it are furnished under paragraph (a) of this section shall keep it up-to-date with the changes and additions furnished to that person and shall have the manual or appropriate parts of it accessible when performing assigned duties.
(c) For the purpose of complying with paragraph (a) of this section, a certificate holder may furnish the persons listed therein the maintenance part of the manual in printed form or other form, acceptable to the Administrator, that is retrievable in the English language.

Amdt. 121-262, Eff. 3/12/97

Sounds pretty clear that you are to get a physical copy of the manual; unless you'll be turning wrenches...


Of The Kremlin
Nov 25, 2001
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Great Lakes - only one set of Jepps, but everyone has ops and systems manuals.