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Does the military want HS transcripts?

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Well-known member
Jan 26, 2002
When applying to the military do they want your HS transcripts or just your college ones? Assuming you have a 4 year degree.
Geee...I'd be careful with that guy. It sounds like he's trying to ENLIST you!
airludy said:
Im not looking to be "enlisted"

precisely my point....recruiters are a shady bunch

Whatever you do, only talk to Officer recruiters. Enlisted recruiters will try to tell you to enlist and then apply to OCS once in. Don't believe it. Just my experience. BMD

Im with Sonic on this on, sounds like this guy is trying to enlist you. Dont walk run to another recruiter.

My guy only wanted a HS diploma and SEALED college transcripts. I open my college transcipts to view them to make sure they were right, turns out I had to go back to my college to get some more to put in my packet. I went to college at 2 different places and they only wanted my final transcipts which made life a little more easy. At the board interview there was no questions about grades, just asked what kind of academic awards I had received.

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