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Does CFII ride restart currency?

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Apr 12, 2002
Or would this be just like the CFI not automatically qualify as a BFR? Should I ask DPE to endorse a sucessful checkride as an IPC as well?
61.57(d) requires an "instrument proficiency check"

The same logic the FAA uses to say that an Instructor check is not a pilot check, might be applied to say that an instrument instructor check is not an instrument check. I'd be on the safe side, and get him/her to endorse you logbook for an IPC. I don't see how the examiner could object to that, then you're covered regardless of what the interpetation might be.


If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if taking a practical test for an instrument rating on your flight instructor certificate ("CFII") counts as a flight review.

No, it does not. You can ask the examiner to endorse you for a flight review, however, and then you're covered.

As A Squared indicated, the same applies for instrument currency.

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